What bikes use a 253FMM engine?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Lifan lf 250-4

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Siamoto Geco 250

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Q: What bikes use a 253FMM engine?
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Can you use Honda parts on a 2009 Jinlun JL250P?

While a very close copy, the Jinlun 253FMM engine is only mostly compatible with the Honda CMX250 engine. The CMX250 engine uses a different (single) carburetor than the Jinlun's twin carburetor. I have also heard that the pistons of 253FMMs frequently use narrower rings (and ring grooves), so you won't be able to use Honda piston rings. With that said, the starter, transmission, counter sprocket and chain (length may vary) should be interchangeable. If you wanted, you could rebuild a 253FMM engine with real Honda parts, but you'd likely have to replace the pistons. Gasket sizes will also vary, due to the slightly altered shape of the 253FMM crankcase. Aside from the engine and drivetrain, the Jinlun is completely different from any bike Honda has ever produced.

What size are the engins in moto gp bikes?

moto gp bikes use a 1000 cc engine hope that helps

Are dirt bikes like bikes?

Yes, but with an engine...

When did Harley first use a sport engine in their bikes?

Harley started using a sports engine in their bikes in 1960. It was a small 50cc that was popular for beginning riders who wanted to start out with a smaller bike.

Why don't you use 2 stroke diesel engine in our bikes?

if we use 2 stroke diesel engine in our bike then engine get more vibration & noise so it is not comfartable to the rider so it cant use in our bike

What grade of engine oil for quad bikes?

What is the best grade oil for Quad bikes

What kind of gear oil should be used in mini motorcycles?

For stroke engine bikes use the engine oil as gear oil. In case of a two stroke engine you can use regular 80 W / 90 gear oil.

Why measure Motorcycle engine power in CC and define CC.?

CC means cubic centimeters. Bikes made by foreign manufacturers use cubic centimeters because they use the metric measuring system. Bikes produced domestically, such as Harley Davidson, use cubic inches.

How do you know if your Orion dirt bike is a 2 stroke or a 4 stroke?

All of the Orion bikes use a 4 stroke engine.

What is meant by cc engine in bikes?

Cubic Centimetres .

What gives dirt bikes power?

a gas engine

What is cc in motor bikes?

its the cubic centimeters of the engine more ccs the bigger the engine