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Sometimes being the safest driver is not enough to keep everyone safe. A persons highest chances for collision are in an intersection.

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Q: What are your chances highest for a collision?
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Where are the chances highest of a collision?

At an intersection

Where are your chances for a collision the highest?

Chances for collision are highest at intersections, especially when turning left or merging onto a busy road. Additionally, parking lots and areas with limited visibility, such as sharp curves or blind spots, are also high-risk areas for collisions.

Where are highest chances to be in a collision?

The highest chances of being in a collision typically occur at intersections, where vehicles are crossing paths. Other common places where collisions happen include highways, merging lanes, and parking lots where multiple vehicles are in close proximity. It is important to remain alert and practice defensive driving in these areas to avoid collisions.

Statistically speaking where are chances highest for a collision?

At an intersection.

Where is the highest chance for a collision?

The highest chance for a collision is at intersections where vehicles are crossing paths. Drivers need to be especially cautious and follow traffic laws to reduce the risk of a collision in these areas.

How much do safety belts increase your chances of surviving a collision?


Tailgating greatly increases your chances of a collision with a truck?


The chances of being in a auto collision once a year are?

The answer depends on howmany years you keep on having collisions. I suggest that the answer is pretty close to 0.

Where is the best place to receive collision repair?

Best in Show Collision Repair and Maaco Auto Body Shop and Collision Repair have the highest ranks in collision repair. If either are in your area, you may want to check them out.

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1 in 75