What are types of cars?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Cars are typed by seats and function. As such you have things like sports cars such as the Ford Mustang, and BMW Z4, and sedans such as the BMW 335i 4 door. Then you have subsections such as the BMW 335i is considered a sport sedan or sport coupe depending on if it has 4 doors or 2. Usually though you can classify them based on doors, seats, and function. Cars with 2 doors and no back seats are sports cars, if they are convertibles they are roadsters. Cars with two doors and a back seat are considered coupes, four doors are sedans. 3 door cars are considered hatchbacks, while 5 doors are considered wagons. Crossovers are SUV's (sport utility vehicles) build on car platforms. SUV's are traditionally built on a truck platform.

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Q: What are types of cars?
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