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the two types of fuel vehicles usually run on are Gasoline or diesel fuel

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Q: What are two types of fuel vehicles usually run on?
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Do all vehicles run an equal distance on a liter of fuel?

NO !

What vehicles have the best gas mileage?

The best thing to think about is what types of fuel are you looking for? Are you willing to use an electric car, hybrid or does in need to run on conventional fuel? These will all play a major role in finding the most fuel efficient car.

Is the fuel used in hybrid vehicles renewable?

No, hybrid cars run on gas

Does Sears do auto repairs on most types of vehicles?

Sears does do auto repairs on most types of vehicles. Sears does run repairs on most types of vehicles. Sears also performs maintenance and sells car parts.

Find the fuel pump?

Either on top and inside the fuel tank on fuel injected vehicle or on the engine block of vehicles with a carburetor. There are a few vehicles with carburetor that have an electric fuel pump. To find it just follow the fuel line to the engine. You will run into the fuel pump.

Can a 2001 Chevy blazer run on E85 fuel?

most vehicles from 1992 to current are able to run on e85 ethanol

How do you deprressurize the fuel system?

With some vehicles you can remove the fuel pump fuse as the engine is running, it will continue to run until the pressure is gone.

Why is your Jeep Liberty hard on gas?

Just as some vehicles are fast and some slow there are vehicles that will run on very little fuel and some that use lots and lots of fuel frequently. 4Wheel drive vehicles fall into the use lots of fuel for no other reason than the sort of driving they are designed to do

Will a Humvee run on jet A fuel?

Yes. You can run it on Jet fuel (A or B), diesel fuel, or kerosene.... those three fuel types are very closely related, and can run a diesel engine made before the implementation of aftertreatment technology.

How do you save fuel for future?

by using transport like Indian Reva, vehicles run by solar energy, electricity.

What is the yellow thing that appeers on your farm on farmville?

It shows up when you buy a vehicle such as a tractor or a harvester. It is your fuel bar, shows you how much fuel you have to run your vehicles with.

Does Parkers Guide show alternative fuel vehicles?

Parkers Guide does not show alternative fuel vehicles that run on alternative fuel sources such as hydrogen and natural gas. The site directs consumers to greener vehicles like hybrids. Also, a guide directs consumers to saving money through maintenance, preparation, planning, and changing driving habits.