What are two complements of a car?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Gasoline and insurance?

Complements are things that go together, so things that would be purchased along with buying a car.

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Q: What are two complements of a car?
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What are two complements for a new car?

Fuel, oil, tires. Complements are things that one thing cannot be without. You can't drive a car without gas and oil. You also can't drive a car without tires.

What is the kind of complements?

Complements can be divided into two main types: subject complements and object complements. Subject complements follow a linking verb and provide additional information about the subject. Object complements follow a direct object and provide additional information about the object.

If two goods are complements?

I thought the question would fit for Government. Not math.

Branches and websites of banks substitutes or complements?


What is it called if two goods are complements?

A decrease in the price of one will increase the demand for the other.

When are two angles called complements of one another?

They are complements when they add to 90 degrees, making a right angle. For example 60 degrees and 30 degrees, or 23 degrees and 67 degrees.

Can you give sentences containing noun complements?

The two kinds of complements are subject complements(which follow a linking verb) renaming the subject, and object complements (which follow a direct object) renaming the direct object.Subject complement: Ms. Burns is my new teacher.Object complement: This is my new teacher, Ms. Burns.

Two disjoint events in which one or the other must occur are called?

Complements or complementary events

What is the difference between gross complements and net complements in economics?


If two goods are complements their cross elasticity of demand will normally be?

No! That's why I came here! B======D --- --- --- --- (=^_^=)

What are the two necessary parts of a prepositional phrase?

The two parts are the preposition itself and the noun phrase that is its object. The noun phrase can be a plain noun or a noun with modifiers and complements. Some examples, with the preposition "in" In snow In the rain In a house In the big yellow car In the box sitting in the backyard

What complements tan 132 degree angle?

Complements are defined for angles, not trigonometric ratios of angles.