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Numbers on the motor of trucks and other vehicles are identification numbers for the engine block casting. These numbers identify the batch of production the engine block comes from and can be used in recalls.

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Q: What are these numbers on my truck motor 3970010?
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Is the block numbers on a 67 350 motor 3970010?

3970010 is a 327 in the years from 1967-1969 and 350 from 1976-1979

What motor do you have the casting is 3970010 and numbers on front right are c71183775 and the one below is ko629txd?

3970010 can be a 350 two or four bolt block.

What year is the Chevy motor with the casting numbers of gm 3970010?

it is a 1969-1979 motor it was used in cars, trucks, and vettes

Chevy motor with casting numbers 3970010 a 327 or 350?

That should be a 4 bolt main 350

What size is this motor 8970010?

double check the numbers... i think you'll find that the first number is a 3 3970010 and it is a 350 ci

What year is your 350 with block numbers vo802ckd casting 3970010?


What is your small block Chevy the numbers say 3970010?

It is a 350, from the 70's, or early 80's, and probably a 4 bolt main. Heavy duty. From a truck, or station wagon, or high performance. On a pad, just in front of the drivers side cylinder head, there will be a number, beginning with a couple of letters. TO, is truck only. Probably what you have. Good motor to build a hot rod around.

What year 350 has casting numbers 3910010?

Gm 3970010 the model?

How can you tell if your car or truck has its original motor?

look at the serial numbers on the side of the block and get a decoding book.

How can you tell what size truck motor you have its a Chevy truck and the motor number is v1004trh its supposed to be a small block 400 is it or not thank you?

The numbers on the drivers side rear of the engine right above the bellhousing are more helpful.

What is casting numbers 3970010?

It's a 4" bore block. Has been used for 302, 327, and 350 engines.

Chervrolet truck 1500 need a motor?

1500 chervrolet truck need a motor