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  1. surface friction and sliding friction
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Q: What are the two types of friction that affect the performance of your mousetrap car?
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What are types of friction?

There are 2 types of frictions: 1. Rolling friction 2. Static friction 3. Fluid friction

What is dry friction what are the types of dry friction what is fluid friction what are the types of dynamic or kinetic friction?

Fluid friction is the friction that occurs when an object moves through a fluid or gas.

What types of friction aren't used much?

There are three types of friction and all are all actually used often. These are static friction, rolling friction, and sliding friction.

Types of mechanism in which friction is essential for proper operation?

There are several types of mechanisms that use friction to operate. The include friction drives, friction clutches, and friction brakes.

What types of energy are in a mousetrap car?

potential and kenitic energy and mecanical and hooke's law

What does all types of frictions do?

Friction act on us every day. Types of Friction: 1) Sliding friction 2) Rolling friction 3) Static friction 4) Fluid friction

Will the speed of the object affect the amount of friction between object and the surface?

No. The speed of the object does not affect the amount of friction between an object and the surface. Friction is affected by the types of surfaces in contact, smoother surfaces produce less friction, and the weight of the object moving horizontally affects the resistance relative to the two surfaces in contact. Greater weight causes greater resistance.

Name the all types of friction?

there are two types of friction limiting static $ kinetic

What are the two types of main friction?

The two main types of friction are kinetic and static.

What are two main types of friction?

The two main types of friction are kinetic and static.

Does surface type affect the force of friction?

Surface types can affect the force of friction because as the surface gets rough and rougher it has more friction and smooth surface has less friction. if we compare the affect of friction force on a ice and road. Road is much more rough than the ice chunk and if we slide a ice hockey puck on each of the surfaces, we get that smoother surfaces has less friction.

4 types of friction and give an example of each?

Rolling Friction, Static Friction, Sliding Friction, & fluid Friction