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Red Stop Light

Flashing Red Stop Light

Red Stop Sign

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Q: What are the three locations at an intersection where drivers must come to a full stop?
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What does highway intersection 1000ft MEAN?

A sign that reads, highway intersection 1000ft means that in a 1000 feet, you will come upon this intersection. This signs are put along roads to inform drivers.

What is a street intersection?

An intersection is where one or more roads come together.

What is a flashing red light at an intersection equal to?

A flashing red light at an intersection is equivalent to a stop sign. It indicates that drivers must come to a complete stop before proceeding, and they should yield the right of way to any other vehicles or pedestrians before proceeding through the intersection.

What year did the garmin car come out?

garmin is not a car. garmin is a gps device which helps drivers who need directioons while driving. you can store maps, and find locations using a garmin.

What is difference between resection and intersection?

Resection is the surgical removal of a part of the body. Intersection is the place where two things (usually streets) come together.

How should you react to a flashing red light?

Stop completely before entering the crosswalk or intersection. Then, proceed when you can do so safely. Basically, treat the intersection as if there are stop signs at each corner of the intersection.

What is the name of the point where two or more roadways intersect or come together?

An intersection

When you come to a 4 way stop who proceeds across the intersection?

When two or more vehicles come to a stop at a 4 way intersection, the vehicle that arrived first proceeds first. In the event that the vehicles come to a stop at the same time, the car on the right proceeds first.

What to do at T-intersection in the road?

At a t intersection you basically come to a stop, but you are supposed to "yeild" (its smart to come to a short 1-2 second pause) and look for traffic and go when appropriate. If you come to a t intersection when another car on the main road (top of the t) is turning onto the road you are on, the car on the left lets the car on the right have the right-of-way. Let me know if this helps! if not i can go into MUCH more detail.

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