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First, call your insurance company to confirm what their protocol is. You will either need to get a few estimates from auto body repair shops, an insurance adjuster will estimate your damages or both. Once you have the proper estimates, you can submit the bill to your insurance company.

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Q: What are the steps to get an insurance estimate to repair a car?
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What do you do if you are not satisfied with the outcome of an insurance estimate on damage to your car?

Take the vehicle to a repair shop and obtain your own estimate. You have the right to obtain your own estimate for your damages.

Which car repair insurance is advertised on t.v. stating that they will pay directly to your repair shop?

What Co. advertising Car repair Insurance on TV?

Were can I find car repair insurance online?

The website has a listing of auto repair insurance carriers. Also, it explains the purpose of the insurance and a guide to tell whether or not you need it.

Does Allstate Insurance Company offer car repair insurance?

Depending on the coverage plan, Allstate Insurance can cover car repair costs. They can also cover rental car costs while your car is being repaired.

Will car insurance cover a carjacking including medical bills and car repair?

Have to ask your insurance company about that.

If person not covered in insurance policy recks car is car repair covered by insurance company?


How can I get an estimate on how much it would cost to repair my car?

You can get an estimate by placing a call or going into the repair shop or auto body shop and requesting a rough estimate on the cost it would take to repair your car

Can you get insurance money instead of repair?

If the car is not financed-Yes

What are the advantages of having an express car insurance?

One advantage of having an express car insurance is to be able to rely on a company to repair and check one's car when it has to be checked or repaired. It can also reduce the cost for the repair.

What type of insurance is covered with cis insurance?

CIS Insurance is car insurance for the UK, offering great discounts for your car insurance. CIS gives you a loaner car while you're car is undergoing repair at any one of their associated repairers.

Where can one get car repair estimates?

Car repair estimates can be obtained through a number of methods. Those with car insurance may be able to find a recommendation by calling their insurance provider or visiting their website. Using the internet or phone book to call local repair shops is another method of finding car repair estimates.

Do I have to repair my car with an insurance check?

No, you can spend that check anyway you like. It's your money. The insurance company doesn't care if you repair your car or not. You could decide you will take the train to work, it is your business.

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