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Mirror (rearview)


Mirror (sideview)

Over your shoulder


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Q: What are the steps for making a safe lane change?
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What are the steps to making a safe pass?

1. Maintain proper following distance 2. Move left into the passing lane 3. Complete the pass

Which is the correct sequence of steps to follow when changing lanes?

Check your mirrors and blind spots to ensure it's safe to change lanes. Signal your intention to change lanes at least 100 feet before making the move. Check again for any vehicles in your intended path, and smoothly steer into the new lane. Cancel your signal once you have completed the lane change and adjust your speed as needed.

When making a left hand turn onto a 4 lane road which lane do you turn onto the left or curb lane?

left... ...but do not impede existing traffic, and move to the right lane as soon as it is safe to do so.

Is safe?

Yes, of course it is safe! I mean, have you seen the website? They take very precautionary steps when making it.

If a bicyclist is in your lane in front of you?

Stay well behind the bicyclist until he turns off or gets in a designated bike lane. If you have a lane next to you, make a lane change and pass him when it is safe and legal to do so.

What are the Steps to make a safe?

1. Maintain proper following distance 2. Move left into the passing lane 3. Complete the pass

What are three of the most important steps in making a safe right turn?

Mirror,signal, manoeuvre as simple as that.

Who is at fault if MV1 with trailer in the right lane is forced to merge into the left lane due to construction?

Unfortunately MV1 more than likely, you cannot enter any lane of traffic until safe to do so. So in this case, if were not safe, (other vehicles in the left lane), the thought would likely be you should've stopped and waited until the lane was clear and it was safe. You can't just change lanes (no matter what the reason) and hit a 'innocent' that was safely traveling and had possession of that lane. How could they possibly be at fault? Another argument would be how long ahead of this lane closing was it announced?

Is safe lane overlay effective?


Does Boise Idaho have a 5 second blinker lane change law?

In Boise, Idaho, there is no specific law that dictates a 5-second blinker rule for changing lanes. However, it is recommended to signal at least 100 feet before changing lanes as per general traffic laws and safe driving practices.

When you turn right onto a multi lane road which lane do you turn in to?

When you are in the far right lane, your turn should put you in the far right lane. Then, when safe, you can merge into the left lane to pass. This is for a right turn from a 2 or 4 lane onto a 2-or higher lane road.

If the lane you are driving ends should you accelerate into the next lane?

You should merge into the next lane when it is safe, and do not accelerate in front of another driver. That is a collision waiting to happen.You should merge into the lane by slowly applying the brakes, and when all drivers right next to you have passed, accelerate into the lane, but do not creep into the lane, otherwise the driver in the lane you are merging into will probably collide with you because he was going fast and you were going slow.Accelerating is fine when it is safe, but do not accelerate to get in before another driver can pass by.