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18 x 22 would be standard but I would suggest you go at least 20 x 24.

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Q: What are the standard dimensions of a one and one half car garage?
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What are the dimensions of a 1.5 car garage?

There aren't any standard dimensions for a 1.5 car garage, but a one-car garage is less than 300 square feet. A two-car garage is usually just over 600 square feet, so a 1.5 car garage would be somewhere in between the two measurements.

What are the standard car dimensions?

what is the standard inside dimensions of sumo car.

What are the standard dimensions of a two car garage with one door?

Most are 24 x 24 feet in north America.

What are the standard dimensions of a one car garage door?

In the United States, nine feet wide by seven feet high.

What are the standard dimensions of a one car garage overhead door?

whats the measurements on a four wind 1993 r.v door

Dimensions single car garage?

twelve by twenty

How big is 20 by 22 ft garage?

Those dimensions would correspond to a two-car garage.

What are the Site dimensions for a two car garage?

generally 24' x 24'

What is the standard size of a car garage?

A two car garage is usally 24 feet X 24 Feet.

What are the average deminsions of a four car garage?

A standard 2 car garage is 24 ft x 24 ft. So you would double that for a four car garage.

What are the standard dimensions of a two car garage overhead door?

standard 2 car garage door dimensions are 16 ft. wide by 7 ft. tall, but you can also get 16 ft. wide by 8 ft. tall or 16 ft. wide by 10 ft. tall. you can also special order any size you need. special orders will be significantly higher in price than standard door sizes. consult a garage door specialist before ordering. they will be more than happy to help you order the right size door for your situation.

Standard size for 4 car garage?

The estiment is 40ft.

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