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To donate a car to the Salvation Army you need to get in touch with them. They will need the car and a signed copy of a title to the car to be able to accept it as a donation.

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Q: What are the rules to donate a car to the salvation army?
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Where can you donate your car in the Dallas area?

You can donate your car to any Goodwill or Salvation Army. There are also many homeless people in the Dallas area who would gladly accept a donated car.

Where can you donate your used car?

You can donate your used car at probably the Salvation Army. They are very trusted charity organization. You may want to check out your local area for more information.

How do I make a junk car donation?

You can donate a car to charity by checking with various local charities such as the Salvation Army, Goodwille, or Mel Trotter minisitires

Is there a way to donate my car online?

Salvation army offer the donation of the car online. They will even pick up your vehicle and give you a form so you can fill out.

Where can one donate their old car?

One of the most well known charities to donate a car to is the American Kidney Foundation. Goodwill and Salvation Army also will accept donations. These donations are usually tax deductible.

Are there any companies that can help you donate a car?

There are many reputable places that will help you donate a car. Try your local churches, non-profit charities. Goodwill and Salvation Army are also great places to check.

Where can a person go to get more information on Melwood car donation?

To get more information on Melwood car donation you can contact the Salvation Army or go to the Melwood Donate site and look at the car donation page.

Who is helped when donating a car to the Salvation Army?

In regards to donating a car to Salvation Army, a few parties are helped. The donator gets a tax write off. The Salvation Army is helped because they now have a car to give to someone and that someone who gets that car for transportation purposes!

How do I donate my car to charity?

SAW1- A great place to donate is the Salvation Army. They make sure you get the credit on your income tax and the vehicle is refurbished and given to a needy family. You can also check with the United Way and they can put you in the right direction.

Who do I contact in Denver to make a car donation to the Salvation Army?

Contact the Salvation Army's main number 1-888-999-2769 anywhere in the US to find out how to donate your car locally. You can get some more information on this charitable program at

Where is a great place to donate your vehicle?

Most school run some sort of Automotive-Tech class and are usually willing to accept automobile donations for the students to practice on and learn from. Also you can donate a car to the Salvation Army and receive a tax deduction.

What organizations will accept donated vehicles?

A giant organization that accepts cars is the Salvation Army. The Salvation Army gives cars to the army members who have been in the United States of America's Army and don't have a car.

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