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Most employers prefer American Society of Engineers (ASE) certified mechanics or "Automotive Technicians" as they like to be called :) but from what I've encountered you could be a retard and still be able to get a mechanic job if you find someone to hire you, doesn't mean you'll get hired by big dealers/auto shops, or get paid the same as an ASE certified person. Hell you don't even have to speak English or have papers either ,just have a toolbox and a car with a sign that says "Oto Mekanyk i com to you house" true story :) ,

In Texas... as far as the auto shop you still have to comply with local licensing laws forexample chemical and hazardous material recycling, like engine oil, tranny fluid, register your business and pay your taxes, employees etc etc but employees/mechanics don't have to have any certification or school degrees whatsoever if they can prove to the boss they know what they're doing. You only need an inspection license to do car emission/safety inspection stickers, and you need to have a license and special equipment to work on certain year model Air conditioning systems using R22 freon. Hope this answers your question...

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Q: What are the qualifications of an auto mechanic in America?
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