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A noun is a person, place, or thing.


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Q: What are the nouns in this sentence 'Tony liked the car at the dealership?
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When do you use a capital letter in a word?

You use a capital letter when a word is:A proper noun. Example, "My name is Tony."In the beginning of a sentence. Example, "Tony likes playing."

Four nouns to describe Tony Hawk?

cool awesome

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What is the subject in the sentence A boy named Tony moved in next to you?

A boy named Tony

What is the correct version for the following sentence Tony said that Jill and him isn't interested?

Tony said that he and Jill aren't interested

Is Jenna Coss having an affair with Tony Fergone?

No end of sentence

Can you make a sentence using exuberance?

Tony's exuberance knew no bounds.

How do you use the word malefactor in a sentence?

Tony is a malefactor for killing his wife.

How could you use tugboat in a sentence for alliteration?

An example of using the word tugboat in a sentence for alliteration is: Tony's tugboat turned over.

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Tony stark (iron man) had a introduction when he went to press conference

Put the word demeanor in a sentence?

i think tony demeanor in the class ever day.

What is being personified in the sentence pushing tony's old bike until it hummed?

i forgot