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Citgo, former 'Cities Service' in the 60's.

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Q: What are the name of venezuelan gas station chain?
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What gas station sells Venezuelan gas?

Citgo, Petro, and many other independents.

What is a chain gas station?

A string of gas stations that have monopolized an area to control the gas prices.

What food chain got started in a shell gas station in 1930?

The food chain that got started in a shell gas station in the 1930's was Kentucky Fried Chicken - KFC.

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What fast food chain got its start in a Shell gas station?

Kentucky Fried Chicken, now KFC, got its start in the back of a gas station in Corbin, Kentucky.

What is the Name of Gas Station on the Andy Griffith Show?

Wally's Filling Station is first mentioned in 'Man In A Hurry' also GoMer Pyle's first appearance.

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