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These are Soft tissue injuries, Crush injuries, Lacerations, bruises and "road rash", Shoulder injuries, Foot and ankle injuries, Knee injuries, Neck injuries and whiplash, Limb loss and amputation, Disfiguring facial injuries and scars, Fractures and broken bones, Internal injuries, Burns, Back Injuries, Spinal cord injuries and paralysis, and Traumatic brain injuries.

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Q: What are the most common injuries in cars crashes?
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Are most bicycle crashes fatal?

About 75% of bicycle crashes are fatal. The 15% just have minor injuries. And the other 10% have major injuries.

What are the most common dance injuries?

The most common dance injuries are ankles and leg injuries

What are some common injuries that result from dirt bike crashes?

People may experience punctured lungs and bruised organs. Lacerations and broken bones are the most common type of injury. Knee injuries are the most common area for injury. The shoulder is in the second of the list. Collarbones and a joint in the shoulder are also extremely commonplace. Sprains are associated with less serious accidents as well.

What are the common emergencies?

the most common emergency is mostly robberies and crashes

According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety injuries the most common injury in the US due to front or rear crashes cost more than 8.8 billion dollars a year.?


What are the Most common baseball and softball injuries?

Some of the most common baseball and softball injuries include rotator cuff injuries, elbow injuries such as Tommy John surgery, and injuries to the hamstrings and knees due to running and sliding. Additionally, ankle sprains and muscle strains are also common in both sports.

Where are clenched fist injuries most common?

Clenched fist injuries are most common over the metacarpo phalangeal joint

Which car company has the most crashes?

honda, because they havn't sell't allot of cars

Which car crashes most?

All cars are unsafe and they all can get in to car crashes there is really no one car that gets in chrashes the most it all depends on the drivers but the worst car to get a crash in is the corvette, but the car that get in crashes the most are not in the U.S. they are going to be in hemilas.

What is most common reason for plane crashes?

Pilot error.

What are the more common causes of airline crashes?

The common cause of airline crashes are airplane engine failure and human error. Most pilots commit errors that can cause airline crashes and disrupt the airplane engine.

What are the most common football injuries?