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if the timing belt becomes streched, it changes the relationship between the camshaft

and crankshaft. Which will in turn effect the valve timing and engine performance.

That is why many engines use automatic tensioners to prevent this from happening

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Q: What are the effect on valve timing if the timing belt has become stretched?
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What is variale valve timing?

variable valve timing is where the engine changes valve timing based on the driving situation much like ignition timing is changed to meet the needs of the engine in specific situations. in most cars valve timing is static and determined by the timing gear on the camshaft

What are the effects on valve timing if the peaks of all cam lobes become worn?

If the peaks of the cam lobes are all worn the camshaft needs to be replaced. It will affect the valve timing and the air intake into the engine which in turn affects the performance.

Valve timing diagram of 2 stroke engine?

valve timing diagram of two stroke engine

What does valve timing 0.006 mean on a camshaft spec card?

It is the "Advertised duration", used by the factory. It is the Valve timing from when the valve is .006inches off the valve seat to .006" off the valve seat.

What is a variable valve timing (vvt)?

According to Wikipedia, a variable valve timing is a "process of altering the timing of a valve lift event, and is often used to improve performance, fuel economy or emissions".

What would make a Chevy small block backfire?

Let's see, out of time, burned valve, stuck valve, valves adjusted too tight, stretched timing chain, flat cam, crossed plug wires. What is happening is this, the plug is firing the mixture in the cylinder, a valve is not sealing the explosion. Or, the spark plug is firing at the wrong time, thus igniting the "charge" in the exhaust, or intake manifold. In other words, the valve, and ignition timing, (spark) are out of sync.

How do you adjust valve timing in 97 318 dodge ram?

Valve timing is not adjustable on a stock engine. The timing chain is either installer correctly or not.

How do you time a 360 ford?

Ignition timing or valve timing?

Does timing belt control valve timing?

Yes accuauly its the cam that does control valve timeing.. on the lobes of the cam .

What is the job of a camshaft timing oil control valve assembly?

to inject oil into the valve timing controller assembly

How do you set timing on a 1988 DOHC 16v scirocco?

Ignition timing or valve timing?

My 22RE motor has a loud knock in the top of the motor could it be from the timing chain hitting the valve cover cause it quits when you take the valve cover off?

Your chain guides(plastic guides on either side of the chain) may be worn or broken, or the chain may be stretched from wear.If the guides are missing or worn, the timing chain can cut through the front of the block.