What are the dimensions of a CO2 car?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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1x1x5 inch.

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Q: What are the dimensions of a CO2 car?
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What are the standard car dimensions?

what is the standard inside dimensions of sumo car.

What is the average distance used in CO2 car competition?

What is the distance used in a CO2 car competition What is the distance used in a CO2 car competition

What makes a CO2 car fast?

the co2

The fastes co2 car in the world?

Petrol cars produce CO2 as a combustion by-product, so it might be said that whatever the fastest car in the world is the fastest CO2 car. There are no cars powered by CO2 - obviously - as any chemical reaction starting with CO2 needs energy to produce another substance. There might be a car somewhere powered by compressed CO2, but this will stop moving when it runs out of pressure. Consequently the fastest CO2 car is a parked car.

What factors will affect the performance of a CO2 car?

Aerodynamics of the car, the size of the wheels, the weight of the car, and the size of the CO2 cartridge.

How much CO2 does a motorbike produces every km?

Doesn't the driver ( and any passengers ) in the car emit CO2 as well, so you are not comparing like with like.You must compare CO2 from Car, driver and passengers with CO2 emitted by cyclist to be more accurate.You will need to divide the CO2 for car driver and passenger by number of occupants of car to get CO2 per person per journey

What are the dimensions of a car battery?

Automobile batteries come in various sizes and dimensions.

What are the dimensions of a car amp?

The dimensions of a car amp vary depending on the supplier of the amp and model of the car. Typical dimensions are around 2.25" x 9.88" x 20.25" though they can be found both bigger and smaller.

What were the dimensions of a cattle car?

The dimensions of a cattle car were approximately 25 feet by 10 feet. This gave the cattle car an area of 250 square feet.

Will newtons second law of motion affect a CO2 car?

Yes, if you're using the co2 car on Earth. All of Newton's laws will affect every moving object on Earth, and your co2 car is no exception.

What are the dimensions of a car door?

A car doors dimensions can be a lot of things depending on the make and model of a car. Generally a car door is at least five feet square if you count the window also.

What is a thumb nail sketch?

it is a see through drawing of a co2 car or co2 anything