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the only ones I'm aware of are ethanol-gasoline and biodiesel

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Q: What are the different types of bio fuels used?
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What other biofuels can be considered?

There are a few different types of bio fuels. Some of these are biodiesel, ethanol, and biobutanol. These are all alternatives to fossil fuels.

What other fuels are used in the same way as fossil fuels?

Bio fuel but bio fuel is cleaner to use

What are bio-fuels used for?

biofuels make energy from living things or their waste products

When were biofuels first used?

bio fuels were first used in the 1980s

What are bio fuels used for?

they are used for cars and other means of transport

What are Bio fuels Give examples?

Bio fuels are those fuels that are easier on the environment than petroleum-based fuels. Some examples are bio diesel and methane.

What are bio fuels uses?

they are used for cars and other means of transport

What is Using bio fuels instead of fossil fuels because bio fuels are renewable is an example of?

Sustainability? Green Living? Common Sense?

What is the adventage of bio fuels?

We dont have to use Fossil Fuels

Can you give few examples of low cost fuels?

some of the low cost fuels are bio ethanol,bio methanol,cellulose bio mass etc.

What are bio fuels made from?

Bio fuels are made from natural oils. These oils include, palm, soybean, and algae. Wood can also be made into a liquid bio fuel.

How is bio fuels produced?

bio fuel is produced by animal wastes