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Actually there are two different type of life insurance available. The first one is called "Term insurance" where the insurance only covers a specific amount of time. The second one is called "Permanent life insurance", where the insurance remains usually active (with some exit options of course).

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Q: What are the different types of Life Insurance available?
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What types of coverage come in John Hancock Insurance?

John Hancock Insurance specializes in different types of Life insurance. The different types of policies give more choices to the consumer, so he can choose which type he needs. The three different types are: Term Life, Whole Life, and Universal Life.

What is an element of life insurance?

two different types of death insurance (A+)

What is an element of life?

two different types of death insurance (A+)

What's the best life insurance premium?

There are several different types of life insurance, so it is important to know the three different main types and decide which is best for you and your needs. You can visit for specific pros and cons.

Is term life insurance right for you?

It is difficult to answer this question for you without knowing your background. Term life insurance is popular because of its low premiums and high death benefits. Types of Life Insurance may help you to understand the different kinds of life insurance available and evaluate which one better suits your needs and financial constraints.

What different kinds of insurance policy are available?

There are multiple kinds of insurance policies available to cover almost everything: Such as Life insurance, Insurance for your property, Insurance for your vehicle and even Insurance for your health.

What are the five different types of insurance?

health, house, auto, life, and business

What are some of the types of life insurance offered by Genworth Life Insurance Co?

Genworth Life Insurance offers a variety of plans to meet the needs of individuals and families. Term Life and Whole Life are two of the most popular plans available to the buyer.

Is Banner Life Insurance available in Florida?

Yes, Banner Life Insurance is available in the state of Florida. Banner Life Insurance is actually available in 49 states.

What types of policies does Ing Insurance offer?

ING Insurance offers a diverse array of insurance products, with a focus on different life insurance policies. Examples include term, variable and universal life insurance options.

Do insurance agencies offer different types of insurance such as car home owners life health etc?

Most insurance agencies offer different types of insurance. You may have the opportunity to get a discount on your total premium if you purchase more than one type of insurance with one agency.

How many different types are there of insurance agencies?

Most insurance agencies cover multiple types of insurances. The types of insurances out there include (but are not limited to) life, health, vehicle, rentals, flood and fire.