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Cylinder 1 is closest to front of engine, by where serpentine belt is. The cylinders on the same side of engine as cylinder 1 is are the odd cylinders, opposite side are evenly numbered cylinders. The cylinder numbers go up in order as the distance away from front of engine.

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Q: What are the cylinder numbers on a GM 3.6L enginel?
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What are the cylinder numbers on a 4.3L GM engine?

front to back on the driverside, 1-3-5 front to back on pass. side. 2-4-6

Will cylinder heads from a gm 350 fit on a Pontiac 400?


Where is the location of cylinder number 8 on the GM Vortec 5700 engine?

last cylinder on the passenger side

Where is number one on a 5.7L motor?

GM and Chrysler, it is the front driver side cylinder.GM and Chrysler, it is the front driver side cylinder.

Where is cylinder 3 on GM 2.4L engine?

it is the 3rd cylinder from passengers side facing engine from the front. the last one on drivers side is #4. GM 2.4 4cyl, ENGINE !

What are the cylinder numbers of a 1995 gm v8?

Drivers side, front to back, 1, 3, 5, 7. Passenger side, front to back, 2, 4, 6, 8.

What side the 1 cylinder is located?

On a GM engine The #1 cylinder is located drivers side, front of engine.

How do you replace the lock cylinder in 1992 GM SIERRA?

Pay someone to do it.

How do you find gm part numbers?

gm part group 1270 part 3868338

Where is the No 1 cylinder on a Chevrolet 2.5 engineThis vechile?

The number one cylinder on any 4 & 5 cylinder is the cylinder at the front of the engine. On a GM V6 & V8 it is the front cylinder on the driver's side.

Where are the identification numbers on a GM engine?

on the block

Cylinder order for 97 GM Seirra?

stamped on the top of the intake manifold