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Each engine is different. Every manufacturer has a slightly different method.
As a general rule the cylinder head bolts are tightened in a spiral pattern, starting from the center of the head and working outward in a circle. This helps spread the load evenly and allows the head to properly settle. It is best done in stages, tightening to a low torque first and then increasing to the maximum permited.
The actual torque settings will have to be found from a workshop manual or car maker. It will depend on the size of the cylinder head, the material it is made from and the construction of the holding down bolts or studs. Some aluminium heads have an intial torque setting and then a rotation through a set angle. Some will need to have a preliminary tightening, then run the engine up to temperature and then loosening and retightening.
Others (mostly cast iron) will only require a two stage torque setting.

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The correct procedure depends on the engine and needs to be based on the manufacturer's guidelines. Starting from the center and working outward in a spiral is a typical approach.

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Q: What are the correct tightening procedures for cylinder head bolts after head gasket replacement?
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