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Some of the best charities to donate your used car to are

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Q: What are the best charities to donate a used car to?
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Can a wholesale dealer donate a car?

Absolutely. Most charities would accept a new or used vehicle from a dealership.

Where can one donate their car to charity?

One could donate their car to many charities. Some of these charities websites include: Cars For Breast Cancer, Vehicles for Charity, Donation Line, and Cars For Veterans.

How can a person make a car donation to charity?

A benefactor is able to donate their car to most charities simply by calling the charity and informing them that you wish to donate your car to them. Most charities will come to your home and pick it up, provided that it is able to be driven.

Which charities have car donation programs?

Angelcar is a great charity that you can donate your cars to.

Can I make car donations to any charity?

not all charities accept cars. you can donate a car to local high school auto depqrtment or specific car donatable charities

Where can one donate a used car for cancer fundraising?

There are a couple of websites that specialize in collecting used cars for cancer charities, if however you don't want to donate this way then perhaps think about selling your car and donating the cash to a cancer charity/fundraiser.

Which charities accept RV donations for tax purposes?

There are several charities that will accept RV or car donations, such as Action Donation Services. Similarly, other charities such as 'Donate A Car' also accept cars.

Where can you donate your car?

You can donate your car to many charities including Donate Car USA, Purple Heart, Habitat for Humanity, or Cars Helping America, just to name a few. Regardless of where you donate your car, you should be able to receive a tax credit for your next tax return.

Which type of charity supports RV donations?

Most charities that support RV donations are charities such as Donation Online, Donate A Car, Action Donation and Car Donation Wizard. Many of these charities are online applications.

Where can someone find out where how they can donate a car to charity?

Donating a car to charity is a great way to give. Not only does it help the charity, but it is also tax deductible. How you can donate your car is as easy as a quick phone call, or you can even find information on the charities website. Most charities accept cars for donation.

What are some good automobile donation charities?

There are several reliable automobile donation charities to choose from when considering donating your car. CharityCar is a popular donate a car to charity operation, or Automobile Donation.

Where can I go to find places to donate my car to a charity?

There are many websites to locate charities in your area. You can visit