What are the allspark experiment robots?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Keep green, Weapons on the side, Big gun on top, and keep the lights

you forgot the tires.....use the ones with the chains on them!

Thank you by the way that helped out a lot. Still trying with the others though!

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Q: What are the allspark experiment robots?
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Why can't the Allspark make Autobots?

The Deceptiocons changed the energy to 'Dark Energon' Thus making all who are created using it 'Dark Robots' Decepticons

What is the real name for the cube in the transformers movies?

the allspark is what creates worlds and makes life

In transformers autobot for ds how do you get the allspark from magatron?

hit him in the back and will drop the allspark

What is the allspark?

The Allspark is/was a enigmatic device that is capable of giving mechanical items sentience.

When did The Allspark land on Earth in transformers?

According to the movie, "Transformers", the Allspark had been on the Earth for four million years. The Allspark had been put on the Earth by a wormhole.

How do you give allspark to optimus in the Nintendo ds game?

how do you give the allspark to optimus in transformers autobots for the ds

How do you get the allspark from starscream?

Hit him in the back.

Why did the Allspark in the Transformer movie only create Decepticons?

In the first movie, it is explained that all electronics was reversed engineered by studying NBE-1 (Megatron). That means that Decepticon programming was found on any hardware/software. That is why that when the spark creates the robots, they have decepticon programming.

How was optimus prime born?

When the allspark landed on cybertron scraps of robo tech formed robots and when they came to the human world and scanned others metal and iron stuff known as cars and the robot takes the form of the car.

What do you do when you have the allspark?

Ill just give to the autobots but not decepticon

What is this week's Battle for the Allspark cyberglyph code?


What is the secret code for battle for the allspark?

code is 091784