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It may stall and refuse to start if the ignition gets wet.

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Q: What are the Possible problems if a engine gets wet?
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What to do if car engine gets wet?

Let it dry out.

Why Engine got wet and is now bogging down?

if your air filter gets wet, then it could get mist into engine, not good for obvious reasons, also if your belt gets wet, then it will not turn your alternator as well and your battery will have less amperage. both are not long term problems but if your engine still boggs down when the air filter and belt are dry then i dont know anything else the problem could be, try replacing your air filter, cheap and easy.

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Sim cards in telephone can indeed short out if they are in a telephone that gets wet. If a phone gets wet, shut it off immediately, remove the battery if possible and remove the Sim and SD cards.

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takes 3 times for engine to start

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is a percocet still good if it gets wet

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