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Q: What are some truck companies that hire convicted felons with a class A CDL?
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What companies will hire a convicted felon with a CDL class B license?

driving truck

Does ups hire truck driving jobs to ex-felons?

Does school bus driving companies hire ex felons with drug conviction

What company will hire a convicted felon with a cdl class b license?

driving truck

Truck driver with cdl that has felonies.?

Some companies will hire felons, yes. It depends on the company, and also what the specific conviction was for.

Is there employment opportunities for ex-felons in TX?

no Yes! Anyone who wants to work can find a job. Several temporary agencies, the RIOS program at Texas Workforce, Goodwill, Restaurant's ,Gas and Oil wells, truck driving, wrecker services, apprenticeship programs at the union halls, there is a long list. No felons don't start at the top or where they left off, but we do work.

What employers in Louisville KY will hire convicted felons?

Those who will we let the past be the past everybody deserve a second change in life. You also can't judge a book by its cover, you have to open it up to read it to know whats going on.

Can a convicted felon get a truck drivers license?


Can convicted felon work at Virginia shipyard?

After 9/11 it was estimated that seventy-five percent of the truck drivers frequenting US shipyards were previously convicted felons. It is probably safe to continue that estimate to all shipyard workers. So, yes, a person previously convicted of a felony can work at a Virginia shipyard, provided the specific employer does not decide to discriminate against those with records of felony conviction.

How do you obtain a class b cdl?

There's always truck driving school, which is a bit expensive. However, if you're going to be driving a Class 8 straight truck - which tend to use unsynchronised manual transmissions, you really would be much better off going to truck driving school. If you need a Class B CDL for something like a single axle straight truck, lots of companies can do on-the-job training for this.

How can one become a flatbed truck driver?

In order to become a flatbed truck driver, one needs to attend truck driving school. It takes between 3-4 weeks to obtain a permit which generally consists of in-class and on the road experience. Some trucking companies will even pay for the class and permit.

I have over 15 years of class b truck driving experience and I recently got my class a, does that count as total truck driving experience If so is there anyone out there who is hiring?

Sorry but it does need tractor trailer exp. I would try some of the local trucking companies such as gilsol which are hiring for for truck driving.

What companies hire exfelons with CDL in California?

You're not an ex-felon unless you've been acquitted of the charges against you after you've been convicted. If that's not the case, you're a felon, and always will be. As for companies who'll hire convicted felons for CDL driving jobs, don't hold your breath. Any company requiring you to have a Hazmat endorsement is a dead end, right off the bat. You won't pass the background check for hazmat with a felony on your record. If you're lucky, you might be able to get a job operating a dump truck, or something to that effect. Your chances of finding an OTR or regional job are pretty slim.. almost nonexistent.