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Reduce speed, turn on lights, close all windows, put AC on recycled air.
Be careful, it is just like a white out snowstorm, visibility is almost zero so if you still cannot see well enough to drive, pull over till it's over.
Check your air filter and cabin air filters after it's all over, they will be pretty dusty.

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Q: What are some safety percausion of a dust storm?
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How tall is a dust storm?

Like the length of a piece of string, he height of a dust storm depends on the storm and its location. Some Asian dust storms have impacted the stratosphere (8 to 30 miles high)

Why is the dust storm dangerous?

Depending on what the wind is hurling around in a dust storm(besides dust), yes, they can be quite dangerous. The most potential harm is to your lungs, since a dust storm carries around some particles tiny enough to enter your system. If you have a decent shelter, ideally a house, you should be safe.

Did some animals lived during the dust storm?

Yea a very lot stupid

What are some entertainment on Jupiter?

The big red spot(nickname for a huge storm of dust and gas)

What are the worst weather phenomena in Phoenix Arizona?

At some locations within the area, flash floods are the most damaging phenomenon, and are fortunately rare. For the entire city area, it would be a blizzard (winter) or a dust storm (summer). Either can impact public safety.

What do the deserts give to Florida?

Florida has no deserts but occasionally receives some dust and sand from the Sahara if that desert is having a bad wind storm.

What are some examples of cataclysmic events?

Some natural catastrophic events are: dust storm, dust devil, sand storm, wind storm, floods, cold spells, mud slides, rock slides, whirl pool, heat wave, ice age, lightning strike, meteor shower, falling asteroids, and global warming.

What are believed to occur on the moon at all locations along the terminator according to the Apollo experiment LEAM?

A lunar electrical storm. The day side of the moon is positively charged and the night side is negatively charged. Along the terminator the division between night and day, these particles interact kicking up what some planetary scientists call a lunar dust storm. Calling it a dust storm is of course an exaggeration but certainly some dust could be picked up or blown around in this way. It sheds some doubt on our former belief that the first footprints on the moon could last for billions of years though.

Is a Fujita 3 tornado bad compared to a dust storm?

Yes, by far. Even a strong dust storm is unlikely to do more than break a few windows and peel some shingles. An F3 tornado can tear walls from a well-built brick house, demolish weaker structures, and throw cars and trucks.

Have Western Australia and Queensland had dust storms?

All states of Australia except for Tasmania have had major dust storms at some stage. Australia is a dry country, and small dust storms occur regularly in the outback and through towns situated on flat plains.' The most recent significant dust storm in Western Australia was in January 2013, when a dust storm in the ocean off the northwest of the state created what looked like a huge red wave. The so-called red wave was created when winds collected tonnes of red dust from the area around Onslow. In Queensland, a huge dust storm crept up from the south in September 2009, blanketing the state in dust after having originated in South Australia and the Northern Territory. It first dumped soil throughout New South Wales before pushing north to Queensland.

What do you do after a dust storm?

All you need to do after a dust storm is to clean up. Wait until the dust storm has difinitely gone. The first step is to dust inside the house. The dust and grit can remain as residue for some time, so it is best to clean up as soon as possible after the storm has well and truly gone. Don't forget to reach up high, above light fittings and so on, to get all the dust. Avoid using any water to help in the clean-up. One website suggests putting an old stocking or pantyhose over a broom head to help collect the dust. The static charge created by the friction of the pantyhose holds the dust to the material. When the pantyhose is dirty, tap it out on to newspaper. Shake cushions, mats and rugs outside. It's suggested that, because dust does not always lift easily from carpets with vacuuming, sprinkle the carpet with unprocessed wheat bran. This acts as an abrasive and attracts the dust. For a standard carpet-filled house, a kilogram is required. Use methylated spirits or white vinegar to clean windows. For cleaning wooden floors, it is suggested you use a used damp teabag with your broom. Not only will they help pick up the dust, the teabag will replace tannins in the timber and kill dust mites, too. Your clothes will also need to be shaken outside. Over a period of time, any amount of humidity combining with the dust will form rust marks on the material. In a heavy storm, dust will even have seeped through closed cupboard doors.

Some storm in lebanon?

The words some storm in English is translated into بعض العاصفةThere 8s storm in lebanon