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Everyone must have liability coverage of at least twenty five thousand dollars. Collision coverage is optional. You have to have bodily coverage as well.

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Q: What are some of the limit for car insurance in Georgia?
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How do Georgia car insurance prices compare to Florida?

The car insurance in Georgia is much cheaper than the insurance in Florida. Florida has some of the highest car insurance in the nation.

Where can I go online to find information about Georgia car insurance?

Please go to There you will be able to look at all the car insurance companies in Georgia and get some information on them.

Where can one obtain car insurance in Georgia?

Some of the options for a car owner seeking auto insurance in Georgia are Liberty Mutual and Nationwide. Other places that one might obtain car insurance are Geico, State Farm, and Peachstate Insurance.

Do I need a used car Georgia insurance policy if my car is not running?

No, car insurance is not required in the state of Georgia for a vehicle that is not drivable.

Where can I find the best car insurance quotes for Georgia?

You can go to to search for car insurance in the georgia region.

What are some different policy car insurance types?

Some different car insurance policy types include: combined single limit, split limits, rental coverage, collision insurance, comprehensive insurance, towing insurance and personal property car insurance.

Which car insurance providers sell insurance in Georgia?

There are a lot of companies who offer car insurance in Georgia. There is of course some of the big names like State Farm and All State but there are also a lot of smaller companies as well.

When you buy a used car in Georgia how long do you have to get insurance in Georgia?

You need insurance the very moment you drive the car off the lot.

Where can I find affordable auto insurance in Georgia?

You check for cheap car insurance in Georgia.

What are some of the car insurance agents in Georgia?

State Farm Insurance has many agents in the Atlanta, Georgia area. You can go into their office, or you can get a quote online. You can also call them to get a quote.

Where can I find a list of Georgia car insurance rates?

You can find a list of Georgia car insurance rates on many websites. One great place to go is

Where can I get a list of Georgia car insurance rates?

To get a list of car insurance rates for Georgia online, please go to This will be the best site to get this information.