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Some expenses associated with car ownership include repair, maintenance, taxes, fuel, tires, licenses, and insurance.

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Q: What are some expenses you will encounter in owning a car?
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What are the two biggest expenses in owning a new car during the first five years?

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When was Owning an Electric Car created?

Owning an Electric Car was created in 2010.

What are some examples of periodic expenses?

Example of periodic expenses are; Car insurance premium,property taxes, holiday expenses, expenses on certain seasonal activities.

How many pages does Owning an Electric Car have?

Owning an Electric Car has 200 pages.

What are some advantages of owning a secondhand Saab?

There are many advantages of owning a secondhand saab. The car is already broke in, any problems that the car is going to have have already happened at that point.

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Values of owning a car?

Having the freedom of moving around without depending on someone else. The potential resale value at a later price. The satisfaction of owning the car. The appearance of owning the car to other people.

Is the 1999 eclipse a good car?

If the car is in a good condition, it's a bad car. You have to be ready for some maintenance expenses though.

What are some negative points of owning a car?

There are a few negative side to owning a car. Some of them are:usually a large initial expensereoccurring upkeep, gas, and insurance expensesair pollutionchances of an accidenta lot of people drive when they really could walk a short distance

Legal age for owning a car?


What are expences?

Expenses are things that cost a person money on a regular basis. Some examples of expenses are, electric bill, car payment, clothes, and food.

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