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There are many popular companies that will help in refinancing car loan like Up2Drive, Capital One Auto Finance, Blue Harbor and BankRate. Up2Drive and Capital One Auto Finance are direct lenders.

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Q: What are some companies that will help with refinancing a car loan?
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What companies offer auto loan refinancing?

There are several companies that offer Auto Loan Refinancing. Some online companies include my auto loan and credit provider, however you can also go to your bank or another bank like Citibank and Wells Fargo bank to get a refinancing loan.

Which companies help you save money plus assist with loan consolidation?

Some companies which help you save money and assist with loan consolidation include Wells Fargo and FinAid. You can get help with your Loan Consolidation from their websites.

Where are some places one can find a loan refinancing calculator online?

Deciding which type of loan refinancing calculator you need such as auto loan or mortgage loan will help narrow down the results when looking for an option. Also, major banks online websites such as Chase, Bank of America, or Union Bank, typically provide free loan refinancing calculators. This can be beneficial because once finding an appropriate rate you can usually apply right away on the same site.

What are the disadvantages of refinancing a home?

Some of the disadvantages to refinancing a home are the cost, loan term, equity reductions, owning less of your home when done, and the time it will take. Those are some of the disadvantages of refinancing a home.

Where can someone find information on refinancing a mortgage loan or debt consolidation?

Information on refinancing a mortgage loan or debt consolidation can be found online from a few sources. Some examples that aid people in finding refinancing information include eLoan and QuickenLoans.

What are some companies in the US that specialize in refinancing car loans?

There are a huge range of car refinancing companies in the USA. Examples of these are Wells Fargo Financial, Capital One Auto and Bank of America Auto Refinancing.

What are some of the risks and benefits to refinancing one's car loan?

One should weigh out the risks and benefits of refinancing a car loan before making a decision. Some of the benefits of refinancing could include better interest rates, lower payments, and an improved credit score. Some of the risks may include extending the length of the car loan and incurring penalties for paying the original loan off early.

If I have an outstanding car loan that is 23 paid off can I get a second smaller car loan for less than 3000 if I don't own a house If they have the same rate can I consolidate?

You can go for refinancing you car loans with some lesser amount. Also the interest rates charged remains low when you go for refinancing a car loan. Also have different quotes form different car loan companies, so that you are able to make wise decisions.

What are some mortgage refinancing companies in Houston?

There are a wide range of mortgage refinancing companies in the Houston area. Some companies include the Wells Fargo bank, A2Z Mortgage, RMC Vanguard, National Reliable Lending and the Optima Mortgage Corporation.

Which are the most reliable companies for Florida refi or refinancing deals?

Most mortgage refinancing companies based in Florida can easily be found online through a service called Zillow. Some of the top rated companies include RoundPoint Mortgage, New American Funding, Gold Star Financial, and Home Plus Mortgage.

Are there any risks to home refinancing?

Yes there are risks in home refinancing, as well as benefits. The main risk is that some loans carry penalty clauses that are triggered by early payment of that loan. If penalty fees are higher than the savings you could get from home refinancing, it is better not to take that loan.

How can one look into home improvement loan refinancing?

One can look into home improvement loan refinancing by using many finance related websites for information and advice. Some examples of these websites include Realtor and Zillow.