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This depends where you are located. If you have bad credit and are looking to buy a car you should do a search with your city and you will find multiple dealerships that deal with bad credit.

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Q: What are some car dealerships that will sell a person a vehicle if they have bad credit?
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Vehicle dealerships which sell electric motorcycles are Target and The Electric Motorcycle Company. Other retailers for electric motorcycles are Walmart, Kmart and Apache Motorcycles.

What UK dealerships sell Saab cars?

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Where can a Nissan Z32 be bought?

A Nissan Z32 can be bought at a dealership or from a personal owner of the vehicle. Dealerships that might sell a Nissan Z32 are Nissan dealerships and miscellaneous used car dealerships all over the country.

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Where can one find how to buy a car with bad credit for a low interest rate?

Cash Direct has some information on dealing with this situation. Usually, local dealerships would still sell a person with bad credit a car for low interest rate because they need the customers.

Can a wife sell a husband's vehicle?

The only person that can sell it is the person who's name is on the title.

Can the title owner sell the car?

The person listed on the title is the only person allowed to sell the vehicle.

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Yes, tractor dealerships sometimes sell used construction equipment

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If a person does not want a vehicle anymore and gives it back to the lienholder is it considered to be repossessed?

Yes, voluntary repossession. Your credit will still suffer and the leinholder needs to sell the vehicle to get their money back. If they are unable to cover the loan fully, you are responsible for the difference.

Are car dealerships required to offer warranties on used cars?

No, car dealerships are not required to offer warranties on used cars. However, many states do have "Lemon Laws" in place, to make sure that unethical dealers cannot intentionally sell an unworking vehicle.

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There are many ways one can sell a Chevrolet Cobalt automobile. If one is on the market to purchase a newer automobile, most dealerships allow an older vehicle to be traded to help with the purchase price.