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Snow ploughs are large vehicles used to scrape snow from roadways.
Most of them are referred to in the USA as "snow plows".

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Q: What are large vehicles used to scrape snow from roadways?
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Large vehicles used to scrape snow from roadways?

Snow plows are large vehicles used to scrape snow from roadways.

What do trains do if a large snow is on the track?

They use a large snowplough, mounted on the front of an engine, to clear the snow off the tracks. Unlike road vehicles, a small amount of snow is not a problem. the wheels push it out of the way.

What is a scraper use for?

To scrape paint, snow, and stupidity

What are some snow vehicles that begin with the letter S?

A ski lift is a snow vehicle. A sleigh is a snow vehicle. A snowmobile and a snowplow are snow vehicles.

What color is a snow broom on the inside?

"A snow broom is an instrument used to scrape or sweep snow off of a surface where it is not wanted. The color of the inside of a snow broom would depend on what the snow broom is made of, as well as the color of the substance."

A large mass of snow and ice?

A large mass of snow and ice

What are the best vehicles for driving in snow?

In my personal opinion the best vehicles for driving in snow are snowmobiles. By Brittney But it you want to drive in snowy, icy conditions on roads then look for vehicles with permanent 4 wheel drive, skid control, traction control and ABS braking. You also need snow tires. These features are available on many vehicles.

Are snow tires mandatory in the US?

I don't believe anybody is required to use snow tires. In fact, some states recommend that you don't use snow tires unless the conditions are bad due to the fact that they can damage/wear the roadways.

When do you apply rock salt to roadways?

During the cold days of winter, to decrease the the freezing point of water and avoid ice and snow on the roads.

Why do Americans get a snow day when they have an inch of snow?

Not all schools receive snow days just because there is snow on the ground. For instance in the northern part of the country where cities often get heavy or large amounts of snow are more prepared (they have supplies of sand and/or salt to deal with ice as well as many trucks equipped with snow plows). The amount of snow necessary to close schools and businesses could be quite high and usually only happens when it is too dangerous for vehicles to drive until snow can be cleared as much as possible. The southern states which don't receive much snow and therefore don't really need these supplies in large amounts and therefore don't have them readily available for large storms which is why they are more likely to have snow days with very minimal snow on the ground. It could also be that there isn't much snow but the roads are very icy.

When is the ice on the roadways?

Ice on roads is caused by rain freezing and/or snow on the road. The weather conditions that cause this typically happen during the winter months.

What are the uses of rake?

we can use it for collecting leaves from the garden which were fell down from trees by air etc........