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Ones that aren't intended to run all the time. Say you're in a factory. You've got electric conveyor belts, electric production machines and a toolroom. The machines and the conveyors run pretty much all the time, unless you're doing maintenance on them or they break down. Those are considered continuous loads, because the idea is that you never turn them off. You keep the lights in the toolroom off unless someone's in there, so they're an intermittent load. ...and I just noticed this is a Car question. (Slapping head.) Things that are powered all the time the car's running, like the engine, are continuous loads; things you switch, like the brake lights, are intermittent loads.

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Q: What are intermittent electrical loads?
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Effects of connecting poor contact in electrical circuits?

An effect of connecting a poor contact in an electrical circuit could be intermittent current flow.

What are all of the electrical devices in your home in a large circuit?


What is the meaning of calculated load in electrical?

A calculated load in electrical terminology is the sum of all of the loads that are connected to a system. To size a service distribution for a home all of the connected loads have to be calculated in. Some loads can be derated as per the electrical code. When the total amperage is calculated from the sum of all of the loads, the wire size and distribution can be sized to handle the calculated load.

What are examples of electrical loads in the kitchen that convert electrical energy to light energy?

light bulbs switches

What is the effect of loose connection in electrical wiring system?

At best intermittent unreliable operation, at worst a fire.

What devices that convert other forms energy to electrical energy?


What is the kind of circuit in which an electrical load may be disconnected without affecting other loads?

In a parallel circuit an electrical load may be disconnected without affecting other loads.

What are high voltage loads and high current loads and can you give examples for each?

High voltage loads is a high electrical discharge that can result to electrical breakdown. Example: High power amplifier vacuum tubes or particle beams. High current loads are the loads that can have peak current greater than 10 amps. Example: Motors, solenoids or nitinol wire.

What are the three types of electrical loads?

Resistive load ,Capacitive load,Inductive load

What causes intermittent or dark reading on digital speedo display for 1985 regal?

The most likely cause of 'dark' and 'intermittent' responses from a digital display is when the individual bulbs at the back are making bad electrical connection with the ribbon-loom

How do you read electrical circuits?

Electrical circuit is a network that has closed path giving a return way for the current. It is a connection of power supply, conductors and loads.

Why are motors lamps and other resistors considered loads in an electrical circuit?

Because they use electrical energy to produce mechanical energy or heat energy

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