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Some good companies to get personal car loans from include Chase Bank and Bank of America. You can get more information and apply online at their respective websites.

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Q: What are good companies to get personal car loans from?
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What are the names of some companies offering auto loans in the UK?

There are quite a few companies offering auto loans in the UK at good rates. A few of the popular finance companies are HSBC Bank Car Loans, AA Car Finance, ans Sainsbury's Car Loans.

Which companies offer car loans for discounted prices for students?

There are a few companies that offer discounted car loans to students, who typically don't have very good credit ratings. Some of these companies are Cars Direct, Dream Auto Loans, and Funding Way.

Can a personal loan be added to a car loan.?

As far as I know Personal Loans are completely different from Car or Auto Loans and they can not be added to Car Loans.

What are good interest rates for bank loans in 2013?

What qualifies as a good interest rate depends on the loan. There are car loans, mortgage loans, home equity loans and personal loans. The interest rate for each loan differ.

Where should I get an auto loan?

The good place to get an auto loan is GMAC, Acura, Car Max and many of the car rental companies has good auto loans. They also have real good deals and rates on their auto loans.

Where can one obtain personal loans for bad credit?

Several companies specialize in offering personal loans on bad credit. Alpine Credits, Car Title Loans as well as Capital One offer these services. Beware, often it is very costly to have such a loan.

Which companies offer instant car loans?

There are a few companies that offer instant car loans. Some of those companies include 'Instant Auto Finance', 'Instant Auto Loans', 'RoadLoans' and 'CarsDirect'.

What are the different types of loans I can get for anything?

You can get a car loan, student loans, mortgages, etc. You can also get a personal loan from a bank if you have good credit.

What loans are available to military personnel?

You can get active duty loans. They vary from personal loans to car loans.

Which companies provide personal loans to individuals with poor credit?

For those with poor credit, the two most common companies that offer loans are title and payday loan businesses. Both use a car/vehicle and a current check respectively as collateral for the loans in lieu of a credit check.

What kinds of loans does the Tesco Bank offer?

Tesco Bank offers several types of loans. These are car loans, mortgages (home loans), and personal loans. Personal loans can be secured or unsecured.

How would someone get credit loans for their car?

One can get credit loans for their car by applying for it at companies such as Pioneer Military Loans, Hans Harle Loans, Futurity, SV Koenigsbach Loans or Bad Car Credit.