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My friend has an 05 v-star with 32000 km and just had a third final drive installed. The first one quit just outside of Flint Michigan at 7000kms. We were on our way to the cottage on Labor Day weekend.Lucky to be in the right lane with a paved shoulder. The bike was still under warr through Yamaha Canada. When she approached Yamaha Canada they said they could not help her as she was out of the country and the warr was not applicable out of the country.So $1000 later and a week out of commission they got her bike back to her.

She went in to get the bikes oil change at 12000kms left the dealer here in London Ont got about 1km down the road and the final drive quit again. Was quoted $800 to have it repaired again. She sent a letter to Yamaha (President) explaining the circumstances and was this time helped Yamaha installed a new rear end at no cost to her.Last week she took her bike in again for a new rear tire and oil change routine. Was told she should not ride the bike out of the shop until the rear end was replaced once again. The manager called Yamaha and explained this was the third rear drive at 32000Km Completely unacceptable. She was told that the bike rear drive would be repaired once again at no charge to her as it seems to be a bad seal that has caused this problem.

She loves her v-star650 very much and the bike fits her well, but her confidence in the bike and in Yamaha has been shaken. I am hoping for her sake this issue has been put to rest. I hope this may help anyone with similar problems. T.R.London Ont

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Q: What are common problems with Yamaha vstar 650's?
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