What are cars powered by?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Q: What are cars powered by?
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What kind of cars were used in 1912?

There were gasoline powered cars, electric powered cars and steam powered cars available then.

What is a hydro powered cars?

Cars powered by water

What are solar cars?

Solar powered cars are cars that are powered by the sun. when the sun is not out the car will not start, when the sun is out, it will start!

Have cars ever been powered by milkshakes?

Ummm, yes the cars in your imagination are powered by milkshakes!

What companies make solar powered cars?

There is no manufacturer of solar powered cars. They are custom-made.

What engines are cars powered by?

Internal combustion gasoline or diesel engines power cars. Cars are also powered by electric motors.

Are gas powered remote control cars more efficient than battery powered remote control cars?

Battery powered remote control cars are more efficient and economical.

Is a solar powered car faster than a battery powered car?

Solar powered cars are battery powered cars. The solar array is charging the batteries. So there is no real difference.

Are elertic powered cars better than Gas powered cars?

yes because electric cars cause lesss pollution and they have silent engines

Why are solar powered cars shaped differently than gas powered cars?

Solar powered cars are shaped differently because 1. The cars need to be aerodynamic to move faster, and 2. The shape collects more sunlight to power the car

Are there such things as a car powered by sun and the moon?

There are solar powered cars.

Are Kia cars powered by Honda?

no,kia cars are not powered by's are powerd by hyundai while honda powers acura.