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Tail lights.

Brake lights.

Backup lights.

Signal lights.

License plate lights.

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Q: What are a cars rear lights called in America?
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Do all Pontiac grand am cars have windshield rear view mirrors with lights?


Why do some cars have red rear turn signal lights and others have yellow rear turn signal lights?

Because some are rewired wrongly and so when they brake the indicators may flash and when they indicate the brake lights light up.Cars in north America (Canada, America, Mexico) and some other countries designated as 'federal' (I think these are Dominican republic, Saudi Arabia and Korea) have red rear indicators, they are not rewired incorrectly they are manufactured this way.

What are the back-up lights for cars?

"Back up lights" are the same as reverse lights. Lights that "turn on" when vehicle is put into reverse gear to illuminate the rear of the car so you can see when backing up.

What is the difference in clio rear lights?

clio lights have pink spots and are made out of plastic gold and other cars just have plastic ones k noddy

What is the button that defrost the back glass in cars called?

rear defroster

What do you call the small white lights on the back of a car?

White Lights on the Rear of a VehicleMost traffic codes [laws] are very specific that no lights on the rear of a vehicle be any color other than red or amber.However, there are two exceptions and they are:White lights to illuminate the license plate commonly called license plate lamps.White lights which only come on when the transmission is in reverse gear and these are called "Backup" lights.

Is there a constant hot going to a cars tail lights?

There is no electricity going to the lights of an automobile if the light switch inside the car is off. The main switch cuts off all current to the lights, both front and rear. There will be current to the tail lights if the brake is applied.

Where are the rear fog lights on a 1990 Toyota Celica gtr?

There are not FOG Lights at Rear.

What are words beginning with r used in Cars?

· rear window defogger · rearview mirror · reading lights · radiator · rotor . radial tires .radio

How do you change the rear lights on a Peugeot 607?

You need the near pair of the rear lights and a screwdriver to unscrew the screws if you want to change the rear lights on a Peugeot 607.

What classic cars have a split rear window?

Split rear windows cars

Where is fuse for rear lights Peugeot boxer van?

Fuse for rear lights on boxer van