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Speed A + Speed B = Speed Combined

Unless they hit each other. Then, under Newton's Third Law, it's

(Speed A + Speed B) / 2 = Combined Collision Force

IE, if two cars hit each other head-on, both going 50mph, it's the same force as a single car hitting a wall at 50mph. (i.e. The impact force does not double; because you have to divide the absorption force of a second vehicle, which cancels out half of the force)

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Q: What Is the combined speed of two approaching vehicles?
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If two approaching vehicles are traveling at 70 mph each then their closing speed is?

140 mph

If two approaching vehicles are traveling at 50 mph each their closing speed is?


How does perceived speed differ from actual speed when two objects are approaching each other and when they are traveling away from each other?

There is addition of the speed.

Two approaching cars are going 70 mph what is closing speed?

140 mph

How does the speed of the combined cars compare to the speed of the car before the collision when a parked car is hit by a moving car and the two cars stick together?

The combined VELOCITY of two cars that crash will be somewhere between that of the individual cars. In this case, the combined speed will be less than the speed of the car that was moving before the crash.If you know the velocities and the masses, the exact speeds can be calculated using conservation of momentum.

When two cars approaching each other 600 km apart how speed of cars is found if the difference in their speed is 6 km per hour?

There is not enough information to answer the question.

Can two cars moving with the same speed collide?

Yes. If in opposing directions, obviously. But if they were in parallel to each other, they could still touch and damage each others bodies.However, two cars moving with the same velocity cannot collide.

Do two vehicles travelling at the same speed cover the same distance at the same time?

Speed is measured by distance and time, yes. Velocity takes in direction.

If two spaceships have equal masses and one is stationary and one is moving What is their combined speed if they collide and stick together?

The new speed for the combined masses will be one-half the original velocity of the moving spaceship, since the momentum is applied to a mass twice as large.

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The driver in the lane that is not blocked. The other driver must wait for a clear lane before proceeding.

What are the two biggest causes of hydroplaning?

Heavy water accumulation on the street/road surface - and - the excessive speed of the vehicles travelling on that road.

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