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For the light duty trucks, none. The medium duty F650 and F750 are available with an Allison automatic, and their heavy duty lines in the past were available with them (AT/LT series, L-series, etc.).

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Q: What Ford truck has an Allison trans?
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What automatic transmission fluid should be in a 96 ford dump truck with an Allison transmission?

Allison Transynd

Can you put an Allison transmission in a ford truck?

yes an Allison can be put in a ford to do so u need to purchase the correct bellhousing adaptor plate should be able to get the plate where you get the Allison

Does a dodge ram 2500 diesel truck have an Allison transmission?

No it does not, Allison transmissions are used in gm's pickupsAllisons are in the Ford Powerstroke setup as well.

Does the 2008 and newer Dodge automatics have an Allison Transmission?

No. the trucks with beds have Chrysler transmissions. The cab/chassis truck has an Aisin trans.

Trans fluid Allison trans?

amsoil torque synthic

What year of dodge cummins had an Allison transmission?

Dodge has never had the Allison trans in its trucks.

Wiring diagram for 1972 ford f100 truck alternator a regulator?

Wiring diagram for 1972 ford f100 truck w/360 engine automatic trans, AC & Power steering?

The location of fuel filter on a 1992 Ford truck?

along the inside frame rail next to the trans on the drivers side...:)

Where can you find a Steering column exploded view 1988 ford truck?

I need to find a part for the steering and trans lock

Ford ranger transmission specs?

Ford Ranger transmission specs are the parts that makes the truck run. This includes the vin number, model, trans code and speed.

How much fluid for a 545 Allison trans?

20 U.S. quarts

You have an Allison at540 trans in a 1850 1978 international truck It sat for about 2 yrs and was fine when parked Now it has stopped engaging What could be the problem?

clutch plate has stuck (rusted) to the flywheel

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