What Ford car had a rumble seat?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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optional on coupes until 1938, model A, B, Etc.

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Q: What Ford car had a rumble seat?
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What year did the car have a rumble seat?

The last year cheverolet had rumble seat was 1938 and the last year ford had a rumble seat was 1939. I would like to know how many were built in a coupe model for 1938

What is the back seat of a convertible car called?

Do you mean a rumble seat? That is a seat that folds out of the rear chassis of a car.

How many passengers could the model t car hold?

2 people if it did not come equipped with a rumble seat. 2 more could sit in the rumble seat.

What is the back seat of an open car called?

A 4 or 6 passenger open car used to be called a touring car. A two seat inside and one on the trunk outside is a rumble seat.

Can you hook up a car seat to a 1999 ford expedition xlt?

Yes, you can hook up a car seat to the Ford Expedition

How would you enter a rumble seat in a 1931 Model T Ford?

There was a round step mounted on the rear fender that you simply stepped on and then into the seat area.

Why are they called Dicky Seats?

The Americans call them "rumble seats. The British call them "dicky seats". The last British built car with a dickey seat was the Triumph 2000 Roadster made until 1949. Among the last American-built cars with a rumble seat were the 1938 Chevrolet, the 1939 Ford and 1939 Dodge and Plymouth.

What was the first car that seat belts were in?


Where is the voltage regulator on a 1994 ford bronco 5.8?

It's built into the alternator. Back in the oldern days when you'd court a comely lass in the rumble seat of your jittney, a car had an external voltage regulator.

What is the average cost of a car in 1930?

A 1930 Ford Model A 2 Door Coupe with a rumble seat sold for $495 new. A 1930 Chevrolet AD Universal 2 Door Coupe sold for $565 new.

Does 2002 ford explorer have LATCH car seat system?

no they do not

Where can one purchase seat covers for a Ford F-150?

Seat cover for a Ford F150 can be bought at any Ford car dealership. Canadian Tire, eBay and Amazon do carry these type of seat covers for Ford F150.