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They are both names for the same thing. Some time they also add this "door" to the door total of a car. So, a four door with a hatch gets called a 5-door, and a 2-door with a liftgate, is called a 3-door. It's all the same. Just, different ways of saying it.

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Q: What's the difference between a liftback and a hatchback?
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Nothing. "Liftback" is a specific Toyota term. "Hatchback" is a general street term. Both mean the exact same thing. It is the type of car that when you open the "trunk" area, the rear window glass raises with the lid. As well, and since we are talking about it.. "Notchback" is the type of body style with a conventional trunk lid (like your grandpa's Buick) which is also a Celica model type.. but it looks a lot different from the back and side view than the liftback/hatchback models do. Hey.. I know these things.. lol.. just look at my user name.

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A hatchback, or liftback is where the whole back of the car opens up (lifts up....including the back window), also the car usually slopes in the back,where as a coupe is notched in the back. The coupe has only a regular trunk where the window is above it and fixed in place. So basically if the window lifts with the "trunk" when you open it, it is a hatchback, or liftback (hatchback, and liftback are the same, Toyota uses the term liftback), and if the "trunk" opens without the window lifting also, it is a coupe. SECOND USER ANSWER:: The interior is different as well.. especially the seating configuration as the hatchback had to be designed differently inside in order to still qualify under DOT and insurance specs to be rated as a "passenger" car instead of a "sprots" car. Coupe front seats slide a LOT farther back than the front seats in a hatchback and were designed in order to accomodate a rear seat in the hatchback to meet these specs. Rear side windows are different as well as is the fuel tank placement. Basically, from the front seats back, it is a whole different animal. I have owned both from various generations.

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