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The Mustang traditionally shared common chassis with other vehicles. The 1964-1/2 through 1973 Mustang shared a common chassis with the Ford Ranchero, Ford Falcon, Mercury Cougar, and Mercury Comet. The Mustang II (1973 - 1978) shared a common chassis with the Ford Pinto and Mercury Bobcat. The 1979 - 1993 Mustangs shared a chassis with several vehicles, including the Ford LTD, Ford Fairmont, Ford Thunderbird, Lincoln Continental, Lincoln Mk VII, Mercury Capri, Mercury Cougar, Mercury Marquis, and Mercury Zephyr. It wasn't until 1994 that the platform used by the Mustang became proprietary to that vehicle, as the Fox platform was upgraded to the SN95.

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The mustang didn't have a "frame". They were uni-body.

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Q: Was the Mustang body put on another frame to boost sales of a not so popular model ford?
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Does a 2008 mustang have a frame?

The Mustang has utilized unibody construction ever since it was introduced in 1964. The frame is built into the body and floor pans. There is no separate frame like you see on full frame vehicles like pickup trucks.

Will a convertible top frame off a 1991 mustang gt fit a 1987 mustang gt?

No 1991-93 Mustangs use a different frame for the top.

Is a 1964 falcon the same frame as a 1964 mustang?


Does the 1964 Mustang have a frame or a unibody?

The 64 is built on a unibody.

What is a cloned mustang?

A cloned Mustang is another word for a fake Mustang. Some people have slow, beat up, ghetto, nasty looking Camaros and want to own a Mustang but cant because Camaro owners don't have enough money to buy a Mustang. So they go buy a Mustang rolling chassis and slap the shell onto the rusted up frame and 6 banger engine of a poor mans Camaro and call it a Mustang. That is an example of a clone.

Will 20'' rims fit a 1965 mustang?

ive got 20s on my 65 mustang but i they barely hit the frame when i turn all the way

Does the colt government model have the same frame as a colt mustang?

No. The barrlel and grip are longer on the Government model. The Gov't model has a barrel bushing, where the Mustang does not.

How do you install the bolt on the bottom of the front fenders on a 1966 mustang I have the square bolt and hole but can't see how to get in the hole?

the nut is in the frame the nut is in the frame

I have a 1989 Ford Mustang convertible. Can you put a convertible frame with top from a 1992 Mustang?

No, these two years are very different body styles. The top structure and cover is very differently shaped. you can the convertible top frame been all the same in those years

Where is the fuel filter location on a 2001 ford mustang?

It should be located on the rear sub-frame of the vehicle.

Can a 1971 Ford Mustang rear differential Interchange with a 1967 Ford Mustang?

can a 1971 ford mustang rear differential interchange with a 1967 ford mustang? The only way that a differential from a 1971-73 mustang whether the 8.8 or 9 inch to fit a 1967 ford mustang, is to have it cut shorter a few inches each side and will need the shock supports repostioned on the axle to match the supports on the frame of the car

What is an axle damper on a Ford Mustang?

The axle damper is a horizontal shock absorber that connects from the rear axle to the frame of the mustang. When you pull the rear tires off, you will see the damper behind the brake assembly . It is standard equipment if the mustang came with the factory handling package.