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Q: Was June Carter married to a stock car driver?
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Who is the bride in Cruel to be kind video?

Carlene Carter... the daughter of June Carter. She was married to Nick Lowe

Who has carl smith been married to?

June Carter Goldie Hill

What are the names of June Carter cash ex-husbands?

June Carter Cash was married twice, but, only had one ex-husband. June Carter Cash was first married to country music artist Carl Smith. They would eventually divorce. Then, June married Johnny Cash, and that was a love story that will never end!

Who was johnny cash wift?

Wife?--His first wife was: Vivian Liberto; married from 1954-1966--12 years married...marriage ended because of June Carter.--His second wife was: June Carter; married from 1968-2003--35 years married (both Johnny and June passed away in 2003).

What is Johnny Cash's birthday?

Johnny Cash was born on February 26, 1932.

Were johnny Cash and Loretta Lynn every married?

No, Johnny Cash did marry June Carter

Who was June carter married to before johnny cash?

Vivian Liberto of San Antonio, Texas.

What song contains the lyrics you got married in a fever?

Jackson, written by June Carter and Johnny Cash.

What was the relationship between Johnny Cash and June Carter?

June Carter Cash is one of the Carter Sisters, who were on stage with their mother, Mother Maybelle Carter, the famous woman who played in the Original Carter Family with the brother of her husband. June was the second of the 3 sisters; Helen and Anita the others.

When was June Carter Cash born?

June Carter Cash was born on June 23, 1929

How many children did June Carter Cash have?

June Carter and her first husband, Carl Smith has one daughter named Carlene Carter. She was a hit in country music during the 1990's. June Carter later married Johnny Cash (after her divorce from Smith), and became June Carter Cash. She and Johnny have a son by the name of John R. Cash, Jr. So the answer to your question, is June Carter Cash has 2 children.

What is June Carter Cash's birthday?

June Carter Cash was born on June 23, 1929.