Was Eminem raised in a trailer park?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Yes. Near the N.W. corner of 8 mile and Ryan.

He often moved sometimes living with his mom and sometimes his grandmother. He actually lived on the border of Detroit in Warren Michigan.

Watch 8 mile, it's about his life. In one part of the movie you hear em saying "im back in the 810 now" He is reffering to the old area code(810) of the outskirts of Detroit, now its 586. I lived near 8 mile my whole life and eminem is a legend around here, He used to work at a restaurant across the street from me. The prior information was false that said " He lived on the black side of Detroit" If you had ever been to Detroit you would know this, for there is not a "black side" of Detroit. It's all black. Detroit and Gary Indiana have the highest percentages of African Americans in the whole nation. Although the tralier park he lived in was across 8 mile, the border of Detroit, its still not at all a nice place to live, very crime ridden.

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Q: Was Eminem raised in a trailer park?
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