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a collision scene

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Q: Warning triangles flares a vehicle's hazard lights or emergency vehicles ahead are all clues that you might be approaching?
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How does a person determine what vehicles are considered emergency vehicles?

An emergency vehicle is any vehicle that is authorized to respond to an emergency. Most emergency response vehicles are easy to see and hear because they are fitted with visual and audible warning devices.

How many emergency warning triangles must be oboard a vehicle carrying ammunition or explosives?


Why is your brake light on and your emergency brake is down?

Check the brake fluid level, as on many vehicles the "emergency brake" (in the UK, Hand-brake) warning light also acts as a warning light for low brake-fluid.

What has the author Arthur I Rubin written?

Arthur I. Rubin has written: 'Emergency vehicle warning systems' -- subject(s): Emergency vehicles, Lighting, Sirens (Signaling devices)

When approaching an emergency vehicle from the rear that is dsplaying flashing warning lights on a highway with more than one lane in each direction you must?

move to a lane not adjacent to emergency vehicle and pass with caution

What provides a warning that dangerous weather is approaching?

Satellites give us the warning that bad weather is approaching. I THINK THE TYPE OF WEATHER WE CAN HAVE IN THE APPROACHING DAYS CAN BE JUDGED USING THE Beaufort scale too.

Does emergency vehicles have control of intersection lights?

Emergency vehicles should be given right of way all the time. They cannot control the intersection lights but carry their own different types of warning signalswhich can be purchased online at well known stores such as Prestige Emergency Lights and are responsible touse these lights wisely.

Why ambulance have serin?

Not just ambulances, but many other emergency and police vehicles have a warning siren and flashing lights too. The lights and siren is to warn other road users ahead that a vehicle is on an emergency call and needs to get to the emergency as quickly as possible.

Why are warning signs shape like triangles?


What provides advance information and warning about approaching drivings situations?

Road signs.

What is the first warning signal of an approaching train on a level crossing?

The train whistle or the red warning lights flashing is the first warning signal of an approaching train on a level crossing. At many railroad crossings, the stop arm would be blocking access to crossing the tracks.

What are the three usaf emergency signals?

Diaster warning, attack warning, and all clear.

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