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The engine fan switch is probably in the 'on' position.

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Q: WHY IS Freightliner fan running all the time?
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Signs of clogged radiator?

Engine overheating or cooling fan running all the time.

The radiator cooling fan on your opel astra is running all the time how do you fix this?

check the cooling fan sensor somewhere attached of the fan housing.

Why does my 2000 Explorer climate control fan run all the time?

Your fan could be running continuously because your car is running hot. You should take your Explorer to a licensed mechanic.

What causes radiator fan to run all the time in cavalier 97?

The fan relay is most likely stuck closed. Remove the relay to see if the fan stops running, if the fan stops, replace the relay.

Why does the radiator fan on my 2005 Chrysler t and c run all the time?

Either your engine is running hot or the fan switch in the radiator has failed or the relay is stuck.

Would cooling fan running all the time give you cold heat?

No. The thermostat would maintain constant temp.

Should breaker box fan in travel trailer is running all the time?

no, it only runs when the heat sensor trips

Why does the fan on 1995 Honda odyessy keeps running?

It will run continuously if the A/C is on. If it is running all the time with the A/C off, then check the thermal relay as it may be stuck closed.

Your cooling fans run all the time when the engine is running.?

engine cooling fan should not do this - bad temp sensor likely

Your Chevy Prizm's radiator cooling fan is running all the time even when the engine is cool why Help?

There is a good possibility the relay is stuck.

How is the fan to a Honda Civic wired when done directly?

a fan bypass is done by bypassing the cooling fan switch and running the fan power to a key on circuit which means the fan runs all the time the car is running it will not cycle on and off. its usually wired to an acc fuse in box or done correctly it should be wired with a relay because of the hi amp constant draw

Why does the fan keep running on the 2000 Chrysler minivan even when the car is in park?

If it runs all of the time, even if the engine is first started inthe morning,Then the temp sensor that controls the fan may be gone.