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If you are referring to a refrigerator, this is a sign that the defrost heater or possibly cycle timer is not working, or the cooling fins are clogged with dust etc. ( please name the device in future, Kenwood makes all kinds of appliances)

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It is probably running until the temperature is low enough to safely switch off the fan.

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The electric fan won't shut off?

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Should 1995 grand marquis radiator cooling fan run continuously?

No. The fan should shut off when the engine temp is to cold for the fan to be on. If its on all the time the temperature switch/sensor is probably defective.

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1999 dodge caravan radiator fan stays on with key off?

The fan should turn off after the engine is shut off. If it stays on, the radiator fan relay has failed.

How do you fix a fan motor that keeps running after the car is turned off in a 1994 Chevy cavalier?

the fan should run after car is tuned off until engine the temp is down ,then it the fan should shut off

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The most common problem when a car's heater fan doesn't shut off when the car is shut off is that the resistor on the blower motor has gone bad. The fuse that powers the resistor should also be checked.

How do you tell if a 2000 dodge durango fan clutch is working properly?

You simply see if it spins freely. If it does, the clutch fan is shot! Do this while motor is turned off The fan should spin freely if the engine is cold. If the engine is warmed up, shut down the engine and check the fan. Warm, the fan should turn, but should have some drag to it.

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Disconnect the power wire from the fan and run power directly from the battery to the fan. If it's still good it should run.

Why does a Chrysler Town and Country fan motor keep running after engine off and runs battery dead?

The radiator fan should not run after the key is shut off. The normal cause is a failed radiator fan relay.

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