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Neutral (N) or Park (P).

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Q: Vehicles with automatic transmission will not start unless the gearshift is in what position?
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Do you need to remove the drive shaft prior to towing a 1987?

If it has an automatic transmission and it doesn't have a transfer case which can be put into a neutral position, the most likely answer is going to be yes.

What is the difference between drive 1 and drive 2 in a car?

Drive 1 locks the automatic transmission into first gear (preventing an upshift). Very good to use when parked or stopped on a very steep slope and you need to move forward and do not want the transmission to shift. Drive 2 locks the automatic transmission into second gear. This is sometimes referred to as a "snow" drive position, as it causes the engine power to be applied to the wheels much more slowly (via converter slippage within the transmission) minimizing actual wheel-spin when accelerating from a stopped position.

What are the name of cars that can be towed behind a motor home?

Any car could be. A 2wd drive car with a manual transmission can simply be put into neutral and flat towed. A 4wd vehicle with a manual transfer case can simply have the transfer case placed into the neutral position and be flat towed. Vehicles with automatic transmissions and vehicles which don't have manual transfer cases capable of being put into a neutral position (such as the electronically controlled NP233 or any all wheel drive transfer case) typically need to have the driveshaft(s) removed in order to be flat towed.

How do you drive a car with automatic transmission?

Simply start the vehicle with the shift lever in the Park position. If you wish to go backward place the shift lever in the R location. When you're ready to move forward place the shift lifter in the D position. Only shift from park to reverse or to drive when the vehicle is sitting still.

How do you turn on 4hi in a 87 blazer?

Stop the vehicle, put it in neutral, depress the clutch (if a manual transmission), pull the transfer case lever back one position from the 2HI position.

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The back up lights on 99 Corolla don't work. It's not the wiring or the fuse. Is it the gear shift How to check it and how to repair?

There may be a switch that is activated by the gearshift position - check under or at side of gearshift or where it connects to the transmission

Why would a 1996 Toyota Corolla automatic transmission gearshift refuse to shift from park to drive with the brake pedal and gearshift button depressed after vehicle lost power?

There is an electronic component attached to the outside of your transmission called the PNP (Park Neutral Position) switch. This switch prevents the car from being started while in drive position. There is also a shifter lock mechanism and computer that kicked in when you lost power. This set of components work together to protect the engine, transmission and anyone nearby or working on the car - so they don't get ran over. - D_South

What does D1 mean on a Honda gearshift?

Most vehicles it means you have selected forward drive frist gear only. It should say in first gear only When the gear selector points to this position. second gear would be D2 Third D3 and some vehicles have OD which stands for overdrive In this position transmission shafts automaticly up and down by itself as needed by demand.

What would cause ignition switch to NOT turn back to off position?

Bad switch or transmission not completely in park. Try putting a little pressure on the gearshift.

How do you display the current gear of my car in manual transmission?

Manual transmissions normally have no display for the current gear setting. You can only tell this by the position of the gearshift lever. Most gearshift lever knobs have markings on the top to remind you which position corresponds to which gear. Unfortunately this knob can come lose and rotate, resulting in confusion.

How do you change the automatic transmission oil for Mercedes Benz c180 1995 model?

Place a drip pan beneath your 1995 Mercedes Benz automatic transmission. Remove the automatic transmission drain plug. Allow the transmission fluid to drain out. Replace the drain plug to its original position. Fill the transmission with new fluid.

What is code p1776 on a dodge?

automatic transmission solenoid switch latched in low/reverse position

An engine starts with the automatic transmission gear selector in any position what is most likely the reason?


What does 'ATP'mean on the DASHBOARD OF THE Nissan XE 2002 vehicles?

No, the ATP light comes on when the transfer case is in Neutral and the transmission is in Park. It's there to alert the driver that putting the transmission in Park will not prevent the vehicle from rolling since the axles are disconnected from the transmission's park pawl. If the transfer case is not actually in Neutral, then it's just a sensor glitch. This light indicates that the automatic transmission parking function is not engaged. If the transfer control lever is not secured in any drive position while the automatic transmission selector lever is in the P (Park) position, the transmission will disengage and the vehicle may move unexpectedly. Shift the transfer control lever into the 2H, 4H, or 4L position when the warning light comes on.

Why does the Car jerk forward while braking is it the ABS or the transmission?

If a car jerks forward while in the break position it is not the Automatic Break System but rather the transmission.

How do you shift a dead automatic transmission on a Toyota sienna into neutral to position it for charging?

get in under the truck and unhook the transmission link and move it towards the back two clicks

What does this code mean 2005 dodge caravan p1776?

automatic transmission solenoid switch latched in low/reverse position

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