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Q: Using lubricants on engine parts is an example of reducing what?
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What kind of friction can help reduce friction?

I never heard of friction reducing friction. You can reduce friction by using lubricants, as well as using wheels (as in ball bearings).

How long should you warm up 1980 truck engine?

When you use petroleum based lubricants and the weather's temperature is below freezing, it could take a while. Using synthetic in the engine and transmission would reduce this significantly as well as reducing the fuel to do it. Sixty percent of the wear in an engine is caused in the first minute and a half, meaning that synthetic engine oil would reduce this wear to a degree that it's life would extended. In other words, operation and maintenance is reduced with synthetic lubricants. Equipment owners who use synthetic hydraulic oils love it because they experience reduced maintenance, start-up time and operation expenses.

What are the implications of using the incorrect transmission lubricants?

Wearing and deterioration of the gears in the transmission.

Some ways to reduce friction are by using or applying what?

There are a few ways to reduce friction. For example one can apply water or oil to the surfaces that are rubbing together.

How does reducing frictioninvolving movement apply to nursing?

If you are talking about nurse asst. then, reducing the friction on the patient while pulling them up in bed would help to prevent bed sores. For example: Using 2 people instead of 1, and using a pad to pull them up. Also,reducing or eliminating any other friction, or pressure, especially on the bony areas that lie on the bed. For example, floating the heels.

Would using water instead of coolant cause jeep cherokee's engine to over heat?

No, it would not. Because the system is pressurized, the water would not evaporate as readily, and, even if it did, there is nowhere for it to escape to. However, using water instead of coolant is not recommended because in coolants there are many additives for things like anti-rust, anti-corrosion, and lubricants for the water pump and seals. Using the antifreeze raises the temperature at which the mixture would boil, reducing the chance of a boil over especially in warm climates.

Types of engine according to fuel used?

all engine using gasoline (whether regular or premium) as fuel is called gasoline engine. motorcycle engine. generetors, buses. are example of gasoline engine

Can you give an example of a sentence using the word alters?

The new fuel mixture alters the engine performance

What ways can you do to minimize friction?

The most common method is using lubricants like vegetable oil, nonstick spray or Vaseline.

Which would be least helpful in reducing indoor?

Using pesticides

Can you have two present participles following each other eg 'reducing pricing selectively'?

In this example, "pricing" is not a participle, but a noun. The sense of the phrase might be made clearer by using "the pricing."

How do you conserve marine wealth?

by not using them frequently , if not possible reducing the usage of it.