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If indicatoris right of the steering wheel then up, otherwise if it's on the left, down.

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Q: Up or down to turn on the left indicator in a car?
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Which way do you push the car's indicator up or down for a left turn?

Down for left turns, up for right turns.

Left turn signal indicator inside the car comes on when i turn on the main head lights?

sounds like a wiring problem

When you indicate a left turn in the car do you press the lever down or up?

You press the turn signal lever DOWN - rotating it in the direction you would turn the steering wheel when turning left.

Do you push the car's turning signal up or down to turn left?

Push up to turn right and pull down to turn left. It is the same on all vehicles I have ever heard of.

How do you turn the car?

Slow down car speed and then turn the steering wheel to move in a direction (left or right). Make sure that your car speed is enough to make turn and you have full control on your car.

To turn the car left which way do you push the cars turning signal lever up or down?

Most cars have the turn signal switch to the left of the steering wheel. In this one case, you would move the switch handle down to signal a left turn.

What is a sentence with indicator in it?

you are shaking now. that is indicator Of lying.

When parallel parking on the right turn the wheels sharply to the left when?

when you are parking UPhill.supposedly then if the car rolls the wheels will contact the curb and stop the car. Down hill turn to the right

How do you reset the service required light on 2008 smart car?

If its due to you reaching your service interval, you can reset your service indicator by doing the following: - turn the ignition on - press the left button on the side of the speedometer two times to display the service interval indicator - when it appears, push and hold the left button, then while holding the button down turn the ignition off - now while holding the button down still turn the ignition on and hold the left button further for 10 seconds - release the button and this should now reset the service indicator If its not the service indicator and if you don't do the service with the above reset its not a good idea to do the above as it might make the next service level much higher and also can cause warranty issues if you don't get servicing done. The above is to allow people who service the smart outside of a smart dealership the chance to reset the indicator.

Will your car insurance be canceled if you turn on left in a no turn left zone and cause and accident?

No. The reason why you have car insurance is to protect you from at fault accidents.

Do you make a left turn in front of or behind an oncoming car also making a left turn?

In front.

How do you turn off the car alarm on a rav4it goes off all the time for NO reason?

There should be a switch down on the left firewall, where your left foot sits while driving